First Look at Godkiller 2: Tomorrow’s Ashes

First Look at Godkiller 2: Tomorrow’s Ashes

We figured we’d set things off with this new site by offering a sneak peek at some of the art from our current production Godkiller 2: Tomorrow’s Ashes. We’re bringing a fresh new visual style to tell the continuing adventures of your favorite organ-stealing hooker Halfpipe, surly-bitch bounty hunter Soledad, and our would-be hero Tommy who can’t walk five steps without getting the shit beat out of him. Who else is back? Who will survive? Will Tommy get the mutated spider eggs out of his bloodstream before they hatch and devour him from the inside out? All will be revealed soon…

  1. Zechariah Riojas says:

    Just watched Godkiller: Walk Among Us. Amazing! Can’t wait for Tomorrow’s Ashes. When is it coming out?

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks! That’s great to hear you dug it.

      We’re working on Tomorrow’s Ashes now. I was hoping for late summer/early fall release but it’s looking more like mid to late fall. It’ll be released in episodes before being collected into the complete feature, so it won’t be quite so long before new material starts coming out. That’s how we did GK-1 and it worked out pretty well.

      How did you hear about Godkiller? Did you see it on DVD or digitally?

      • Zechariah Riojas says:

        Saw it on Hulu, but will definitely buy Tomorrow’s Ashes when it comes out. Might even buy Godkiller. Can’t wait. Keep up the good work.

      • Pizzolo…..i was wondering, was “Godkiller 2: Tomorrow’s Ashes” episode 1 being sold during Comic-Con 2011?….b/c i was unable of locating the booth for Halo 8 and if episode 1 of “Godkiller 2: Tomorrow’s Ashes” was being sold during Comic-Con 2011 then would it be possible to obtain it outside of Comic-Con?….i REALLY LOVE GODKILLER….especially since i got my copy during Comic-Con 2010…..i hope to hear your response….please email me at

        • pizzolo says:

          hey arturo- no the only new Godkiller stuff at Comic Con 2011 was the collected graphic novel with the new epilogue. we haven’t released any GK-2 yet, we’re still working on it. we’ll be releasing episodes pretty soon i hope. thanks for being into it, hopefully i’ll see you at Comic Con 2012!

      • Daniel Rowly says:

        hey just wondering when it comes out will it be on flex view/verizon fios?

        • pizzolo says:

          Yeah it should be, Verizon carried Godkiller 1 but not the episodes, only the collected full feature. We’ll be starting to release the episodes of Godkiller 2 soon, but it’ll be awhile before the full feature is done and I don’t think it’ll be on Verizon as episodes only as a complete film (same with Netflix etc).

  2. Jack says:

    Really looking forward to the next part of the series, keep up the good work. ( I saw the first part Via Hulu )

  3. Oh man, these screens look absolutely INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait for Tomorrow’s Ashes to come out. Is it safe to assume that the same voice actors will be reprising their roles? Justin Pierre and Davey Havok were absolutely stellar, I was surprised to see such quality acting from two incredible musicians.

    I hope everything goes smoothly with it’s release. GK-1 certainly whet my pallet, and if these screens are any indication, then GK-2 is going to blow it out of the water.

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks Kenneth–and yeah, as of now it looks like everyone is returning to continue their roles. I hope we can retain that type of acting continuity, I think it really adds something unique to the whole thing for the characters to be tightly linked with the actors. Justin and Davey both really committed to their roles and I think they surprised a lot of people with their acting. And I’ll pass along your note to Anna, she’s really been outdoing herself on the illustrations for Tomorrow’s Ashes

  4. SArtt says:

    This was good. I thought it was going to be one of those crappy shows. I thought wrong. Good story and plot.

  5. It’s been awhile since I saw something this groovy. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  6. Kerry Neal says:

    Came across Walk Among Us on Netflix yesterday. Instantly, I am hooked. The way the characters interacted with each other was sincere in it’s intensity. The story developed at just the right pace to keep even the sleepy for nodding off. Now i find out there’ll be more of this?! Bring it on!!! Non servium.

    • pizzolo says:

      That’s awesome, thanks! Out of curiosity, did you watch it through Netflix on your computer or via a TV set top box? Always interesting to get a sense for the experience watching it on TV vs online vs in the theater etc. We’re hard at work on the next installments now!

  7. kieron101 says:

    omg can’t wat the 1st one was so good how much is number 2 going to cost any way ^-^

    • pizzolo says:

      Great! We can’t control the pricing (the GK1 DVD is $15 but its free on Netflix and $5.99 on Comcast VOD etc etc), but the next one will be similarly priced. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Iniara says:

    I’m really looking forward to the next edition of Godkiller. I wrote a piece on my blog about the film:

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks for taking a chance checking out the film and thanks SO MUCH for helping spread the word! Because the whole thing is experimental it’s so important for us to get a sense of how people are learning about the film and what aspects are working, so your blog post is really helpful and informative. And knowing you love Johnny The Homicidal Maniac means you have great taste! haha that makes me feel like we’re moving in the right direction!

  9. chris says:

    i came across gk by chance browsing hulu the other nite. i had never seen a film in that format, wasnt sure what to think. but the art and acting got me right away. but, what really blew me away was the content and writing. never seen anything like it. just wanted to say thanks.

  10. jesse "ibangkneebacks" labao says:

    ill concept, love the way you went with this…also love how Tommy’s comic fixation ties together the cine-comic concept…saw ur flick as a ‘netstream’ via my PS3…i’m buying this so as to support your next projects…also gonna pick up a copy of the GN…is Danielle gonna b halfpipe in GK2&/3?…keep this coming, next thing u know u’ll b doing a full-on live action feature leangth flick (crossing my fingers, knelt upon broken-glass, praying to jeebus…in other werds I WANNA SEE THAT HAPPEN)

    • pizzolo says:

      thanks for checking it out and for hitting us with the feedback. Danielle is coming back and so is everybody else as of now (as far as i know… at least, of those actors whose characters survived). it’d be pretty crazy if this ever becomes a live action movie, but you never know. and thanks so much for supporting this by buying it, all the purchases go directly into producing the next ones so it really really helps! we’re hard at work on Godkiller 2–hopefully it’ll get better & better.

  11. Genyns says:

    Love GK! it’s just amazing!

  12. Ray says:

    Wow! The screen shots look great, cant wait to see it. Also I was wondering if you guys were planning on making a motion comic for The Long Knives

  13. Josh says:

    I just saw godkiller on netflix and I am very impressed. I would like to get the soundtrack, ‘cuz that was killer too. Where can i get these tracks? I saw the artists’ names with the credits, but I didn’t see any of the music available on the website. Anyway, thanks for such an excellent piece of work with godkiller, and i am looking forward to the follow-up.

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks so much for letting us know, it’s great to hear you dug the film. The music was all composed by Alec Empire & Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot. It mixes their solo music with some Atari Teenage Riot songs and some new stuff they composed just for the film. The theme songs they used were Activate off the new Atari Teenage Riot album “Is This Hyperreal?” and New World Order off Alec’s solo album “Intelligence & Sacrifice.” We’re talking about maybe releasing the entire score as a soundtrack, fingers crossed it works out.

  14. eon says:

    When I heard the first song introduction for God Killer: “Walk Among Us”, I knew the movie was going to be SICK, because I recognized the music & voice of Alec Empire. Hell Yeah!!!! Nic Endo & Alec Empire did an amazing job it went along with the story. GK 1 Instantly became one of my favorite movies…. Can’t wait for GK2 “i am hooked on it”. I hope for many more series to come….. AWESOME MOVIE!!! I think I will be sporting the shirt.

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks Eon that’s great to hear. I love Atari, Alec & Nic… I’ve been working with them for damn over ten years since they contributed music for my first film Threat. I think they really outdid themselves on Godkiller. Thanks so much for checking out and supporting the film!

  15. eon says:

    Oh Yeah! How come you don’t have a Godkiller page on facebook?

  16. joel says:

    seen it on netflix yesterday, coolist thing ive seen in awhile love how intense it was cant wait for part 2!!

  17. Odin Omnipotent says:

    Gotta say that when i first saw the title God Killer i was skeptical, but yo when i watched the movie i fuckin loved it man, mad inspirational. The storytelling style and the mythology is awesome man got me hooked. The key thing i like is that your style is fresh heavily original and it shows through. I waitin like a crack fiend for the next installment.
    Hurry up im itchin here…

    • pizzolo says:

      haha awesome, thanks for letting us know. glad to hear you’re digging it so far. we’re hard at work on part 2 right now

  18. Carmel Ceravolo says:

    Was wanting to submit some different musical content for upcoming halo 8 releases. Our following and different genres holds weight globally and especially our grimey dubstep would fit perfect in some of those releases. I caught God Killer when I was on tour in Russia and turned a lot of my fans onto it. As an artist I love to be a part of something unique and different with a specific voice to the people as so many are out of touch with what is real and what isn’t in today’s world. IF you want to have one of your people email me I will send over a press release for the label and some bits and look forward to getting involved with the Halo 8 movement!

  19. amber says:

    wow!! we get so desensitized by anime that the warm blanket of ” this is all there is & it’s different so buy it” doesn’t itch any more. GK is the answer for those of us who are sick to death of jap anime.
    This is art on a scale that not every one will get it but the sheep will at least buy it, by the way you guy’s did a great job on your web page. amazing concept, I wish there were people like yall up here in Alaska
    we have to leave the state to get culture exposure & GK is something I would have sorely missed.
    Too bad none of my friends will actually appreciate this. ps. the setting is amazing you are a creative wizard !! part 2 is gonna be incredible I really hate that we have to wait so hurry the hell up already : )

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks! We love Japanese anime (and are obviously super influenced by it) but we tried to do our own thing and it’s always great to hear that it’s working. I’d think there would be a big movement of weirdo artists to Alaska after 30 Days of Night, no? Haha. Maybe everybody got scared off by 30DoN. We’ve been in lockdown mode all month working hard on Godkiller 2. We’ll have new stuff really soon!

  20. Ubermensch GottIstTot says:

    Just watched GK on Netflix and have to say that was some of the best gritty post-apocalyptica I’ve seen. Ordered the DVD to have on hand, just in case Netflix decides to pull it from their list, so I can pass along this fine story. My hat is off to you folks. I can’t wait for the next installment

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks and thanks so much for supporting with the DVD purchase! We pack extra content on the DVD to make it special beyond just what you see on Netflix. We’ve been on a month-long tear on Godkiller 2 and just now coming up for air, so we’ll have some new stuff coming very soon.

  21. Carmel Ceravolo says:

    So when does GK 2 drop? What’s the official release date?

    • pizzolo says:

      As of now we’ll have new comics available next month and the first installment of new animation hopefully in January or possibly February.

  22. mingan says:

    I just finished gk1 VIA netflix, completely loving it. Gonna have to watch it a few more times. I can’t wait for Tommorow’s Ashes, need to buy 1 and 2 when you release it. I’m digging the new style, gritty. Must haves for my collection!

    • pizzolo says:

      Awesome, thanks! We’re making a lot of progress on Tomorrow’s Ashes. Anna took it to another level and brought a new art style this time around–I’m really looking forward to seeing what everybody thinks

  23. Courtney says:

    Aw man! I just finished watching Godkiller pt 1 and wow! I’m not usually a fan of motion picture comic book style movies, but this was awesome. Was super sad when a fav char got knocked off, but I suppose that makes it more real lol. Do you guys know an exact date yet on when you’ll be releasing part 2? And the illustration for the next looks awesome. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • pizzolo says:

      Great to hear you dug it, Courtney, thanks for letting us know! We just got the greenlight for the GK2: Tomorrow’s Ashes comics to start coming out next week. The animation will be released episodically before being collected into the full film, episode 1 should hit in April. We can’t wait to start getting it out there

  24. joemoma says:

    so ive been showing this movie to all kinds of people and im kinda in need of the part two im adicted and im not in to the hole comicon thing so i hope the treat the reast of us the same and sell it on the web sit it sucks you wont be making it like a movie but i would love to buy the 18 part min serise lol but i hope you come out with it soon im so hoping to bust my nut and die with its most deffining awsome lol i love god killer sorry i wasint evin going to wright any thing but i love god killer and need the next part already lol its winter

    • pizzolo says:

      Haha wow that’s intense. Alright so we fucked up and it was supposed to start coming out last month, but we’re not toooo far behind schedule because the first comic debuts next week and it’ll come out monthly with the first animated part dropping (cross fingers) April. We’re gonna have these coming out more regularly moving forward so hopefully you can bust a nut and die from awesomeness more often!

  25. The Marmot Whisperer says:

    Just caught “Godkiller: Walk Among Us” on Netflix streaming. It was sitting in my queue for a rather long time and I just have to say my mind was suitably blown. Nice work Sir and looking forward quite a bit to the followup.

    • pizzolo says:

      excellent, there’s nothing we love more than hearing we’ve blown another mind! Tomorrow’s Ashes is finally on its way so hopefully it’s worth the wait!

  26. the hatter says:

    hey just have to say that this film is amazing and definetly looking forward to number 2 when it drops.
    i caught via netflix and im definetly thinking about buying the dvd and looking for the grapic novel. just the entire feel of this “experience” just blew me away.

    • pizzolo says:

      awesome, thanks for hitting us up and letting us know! Netflix has really been amazing at getting Godkiller out there. number 2 is on its way, but we have a long process: first the comics come out, then parts of the film are released as episodes, and then the full movie. that way we can start getting it out before the whole thing is done. it’s a different experience than discovering the movie all at once on Netflix, but hopefully it’s just as good!

  27. Josh says:

    When I first saw Tommy, I thought wow he is hot, I’d do him. Now I envy Beezle (sp?), who enigmatically said he (she?) wasn’t doing it (raping Tommy) because of anything sexual. I don’t know how to interpret that except to think that for Beezle it was purely power trippy. Also, I hope Beezle gets what is coming to him (her?), namely, Death.

    • pizzolo says:

      haha Tommy’s a good lookin’ kid, too bad everybody keeps kicking the shit out of him… and sadly for him that’s not about to change in the next installment. but don’t worry, we have some surprises in store for Beezal!

  28. AB says:

    Pizzolo…..You guys are frekn amazing!!! i have been waiting for some cutting edge animation like this ever since Hevymetal back in the day. im kinda late finding out about GK. i just came across it on this movie website and automaticly fell in love!! Soo….i know everyone is buggn, but its Jan, and i have to know when GK2 is coming out? Im drooling! the wait is killing me!!!

    • pizzolo says:

      wow, Godkiller getting mentioned alongside Heavy Metal is pretty huge, THANKS! we know we’re fuckin late with the next one, but it’s *finally* on its way. the comic starts coming out next week, tho it’ll still be a couple more months before the animated episodes start dropping. Anna has to hand draw the whole damn thing herself. we could probably come up with a more streamlined way of doing it, but i love that the whole thing is handcrafted. we’re a really small team here and i think that makes it pretty unique.

  29. I was going to make an illusted film version of my periodical poetry series, “The Society On Da Run,” but then I researched what an illustrated film actually was and watched Godkiller and said, “Wow, I can’t do that.” So I dumped the idea. Anyway, I LOVE the film and and the art is beyond fantastic. I am glad there are creative people like you and your team in this mad, mad world.

  30. Death Squad says:

    Any new info on release date? Cant wait for this shit to release.

  31. Brought to Light says:

    I think its really great you are going to make an comic-illustrated film out of Brought To Light.

  32. psybr1 says:

    at first i said wtf then i started watching then i said (TIFG) and now i can’t wait for part 2…keep it up


    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks! It does take some time to get used to the style, glad you stuck with it. We’re hard at work on part 2 now, hope you dig it

  33. sunphoenix says:

    HOLY CRAP! “God Killer: Walk among Us” ROCKS! Can’t wait for “Tomorrow’s Ashes”!!!

    I really hope you surprise us and we get a cameo of Mulciber. Also more info on Copper Queen of the Burned, and the Reptillian’s how did they arrive, what did they do and what kind of technology did they bring? Who were these Gods they refer to? What is the Republic?

    As for Beezle (sp?), meh she’s not so bad… she could have been much meaner! At least she did not kill someone for doing what she wanted like Draegoes… he killed a obedient guard for bringing him the Niburo box he wanted… for no reason other than he’s a psycho! Beezle (sp?) is no more rotten or responsible for the fucked up world than anyone else eeking out an existence in the outercity. Especially when only the criminals have any free will with the oppressive Republic running everyone else’s life… to their own dark ends. I really doubt Dr. West is a-typical of all the other evil corporate of dirtbag assholes running human society!

    Were planning on running a cyberpunk role-playing game using this setting its Very Cool!

    Keep up the good work!


    • pizzolo says:

      Awesome, we’ve been talking about putting together an official Godkiller RPG. Do you think that would be cool?

      There will be many answers in Tomorrow’s Ashes but also more questions! There’s also a lot more about Copper and the Republic in Godkiller: Silent War, the ongoing e-book/audiobook we started serializing on the Walk Among Us DVDs.

      I personally like Beezal, I agree she’s not as bad as people think. There’s more surprises ahead with Beezal, trust me ;) Dr. West is pretty much an asshole though.

  34. Heather A says:

    i stumbled upon godkiller on netflix and fell in love instantly. Anything to do with reptilians and the return of the gods is right up my alley. not to mention all the talk of atoms and illusions. its what iv been reading up on and studying for the last year. im super excited to read the comics were can i buy them? And you should consider traveling to other cons if possible =D

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks Heather, so glad you stumbled on Godkiller! And even gladder to hear you loved it! We’re all obsessed with secret history & crypto-science so you can expect lots more of that stuff in the coming Godkiller releases. Right now the comics are only available in the Halo-8 store. We do that first so we can get them direct to the audience asap and then they’ll go out through regular channels later. We love doing cons but we try to wait until we’ve finished a production before hitting the cons because doing too many cons leaves us less time to make stuff. Is there a con you love that we’re missing out on?

  35. Bill says:

    just watched GK on Hulu. i was very impressed I am not usually into comics, and anime. I really liked it, i can’t wait for more. thanks for opening my eyes to a new form of art. i would be grateful for any recommendations of other things i should check out. thanks so much.
    i am going to buy your shit, you can have my money soon as i get payed. 8o)

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks, Bill, that’s great to hear! There were a lot of influences on the Godkiller style, especially Ralph Bakshi’s animation, Chris Marker’s La Jetee, and all sorts of anime… re: anime, I know a lot of people who dig Godkiller also love Dead Leaves, it’s not similar format-wise (it’s fully animated) but it’s very cool and it’s got a similar wild, frenetic energy (and it’s also on Hulu). Hope that helps!

  36. Aleister Crosse says:

    Watched Godkiller on hulu. Absolutly loved it. I am a struggling commercial artist and was inspired to start writing comics again, thanks!

    • pizzolo says:

      That’s great! Comics is a tough business but very rewarding because you get a really direct relationship with the audience. Send us links to your work when it’s ready!

  37. The Elite says:

    Great series, is there any way to watch or buy the dvd in germany or better said europe. I could only read the six mini comics from itunes. Please respond!!!

    • pizzolo says:

      Thanks! I know there are deals in place for Godkiller to be released on major carriers in Europe, but I don’t know when it will actually be available. In the meantime, Halo-8 DVDs & digital downloads are all Region 0 and ship internationally. So you can get it direct here – thanks for wanting to support the film!

      • pizzolo says:

        Thanks, it’s always great to hear that! We’re hard at work on Godkiller 2 now. Are you reading the comics or waiting for the next illustrated film?

  38. Sierra says:

    Seeing the sneak peeks for Godkiller 2 just makes me more inpatient for it to come out! I love the style & plot of this movie so much. It’s like nothing Iv’e seen before <3

    • pizzolo says:

      thanks it’s been taking forever but we’re working hard on it. we appreciate the support and especially the patience!

  39. godkiller says:

    Saw this film and loved it! Same night I took the name godkiller and joined the World Community Grid to fight diseases and solve world problems. I cant wait for the second film to come out! ranking 436 and moving up!

  40. fswolf says:

    Love the movie Godkiller, cant wait to see the second one!

  41. LCpl sleepy_eyes says:

    I really hope this comes out before I deploy

    • pizzolo says:

      probably not because we’re slow as fuck but it’ll be waiting for you when you get back! have you already deployed? (we’re morons about keeping up with this site)

  42. Cannibal713 says:

    Hell yea, I just watched Godkiller again and was hoping that y’all had continued the story when I came upon this page. Looking forward to seeing the sequel. The animation style looks great; real gritty and bold. Any word on what to expect on it’s soundtrack?

    Cannibal Gene
    Houston, TX

    • pizzolo says:

      thanks so much, hopefully Atari Teenage Riot will be available and down to work on the soundtrack for the next one too. also i’d love to start including music by the castmembers like Davey & Justin & Lydia

  43. joemoma says:

    hey just wana know y godkiller 2 is not out yet

    • pizzolo says:

      cuz we suck obviously, we can’t even respond to comments in a timely manner :-/ but we’re definitely working on it. have you been keeping up with the new comics?

  44. Ray says:

    Oh wow, came across Godkiller on Netflix and figured “Why not?” freaking awesome. Glad I watched it and the way it ended. Any word on part 2 yet?

    • pizzolo says:

      awesome thank you! we’re working on part 2… it’s already been coming out as comics, i have to finish hack/slash first before i can finish godkiller 2 so i’m pretty swamped but we’re hoping to get it done soon and at least start releasing animated episodes

  45. Cameron says:

    One of the finest works of art I’ll ever encounter.
    I Just about cried of joy when I heard it was a series.
    Your team’s style of gritty, narrated graphic novel mixed with thought-provoking sci-fi concepts was executed perfectly; I’m thoroughly impressed, kudos guys.

  46. Kaylin says:

    I found God Killer by accident on Hulu
    and became obsessed- and was even more excited when I learned there was comics.
    I can NOT WAIT for Tomorrow’s Ashes!!

    As an artist I just love the art style and the story is even better!
    Halfpipe is my hero! lol

    • pizzolo says:

      thanks, we’re hard at work on the Tomorrow’s Ashes movie and of course it’s already coming out as comics but i wish we could finish the movie faster. it’s always great to hear feedback especially from fellow artists. and yeah halfpipe’s pretty awesome, she’s one of my favorite people :)

      • Kaylin says:

        Thankyou! for responding back so soon!
        I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do in the next installment!

        And this series make’s me want to improve my style so much more now!
        I know it will be great!

  47. sunphoenix says:

    Just got the digital DL of Ashes of tomorrow… GOD DAAAAMN!!! Poor ‘Half-pipe’! I must say {no spoilers}.. my opinion of her devotion and self-sacrifice has gone WAAAAAY up! She may be a dick sucking whore.. but she has a heart of solid gold! I must really say.. I like her.. an awful lot. And I’m only reading the Godkiller: Walk Among Us-Epilogue…

    I hope she maintains that heart of gold…

  48. sunphoenix says:

    “What’s a body worth these days…?’

    Oh half-pipe.. its the soul within that is the purest and most valuable commodity in the universe.. and yours is quite rare and wonderful!

  49. sunphoenix says:

    LOLS! All done reading all 4 issues.. lol! Tommy is Awesome! :)

    I guess Beezal was right… all his scars have indeed made him stronger! Tough little fucker to put down! lol!

  50. sunphoenix says:

    LOLS! By the way… I can’t get enough of Alec Empire’s – “New World Order”. GREAT song.. so VERY appropriate for GODKILLER.. can’t get enough of it. I hope when you “animate” Ashes of Tomorrow.. you either keep the song.. or can find something in the same feel and theme to it! :)

    Surprise us if you can! :)

  51. sunphoenix says:

    Do ANY Admins/Developers read this? No replies in months!

  52. sunphoenix says:

    Just read issue 4 of Tomorrows Ashes…

    FUCKING AWESOME!!! ’nuff said!

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